New World Handicap System - UPDATE!

This is an introduction to the new WHS (World Handicap System) being launched on November 2nd 2020

The new World Handicapping System is being launched on November 2nd 2020.  This will be a significant change for all our members - but whilst there is a lot of detail - players do not need to worry so much since the systems that our club have in place will take care of everything for you.

Over the coming weeks - we will "drip feed" the information that is readily available on the Scottish Golf website.

We will also be looking to launch the Scottish Golf App - which will assist every member with World Handicapping.  Please look out for the instructions and future information over the next few weeks.

Full Details of the Launch Campaign from Scottish Golf - World Handicap Index - click here


For those that like to dig a little deeper into the details of these things we have included a couple of links to the FAQ's and to other general WHS info available from SGL.

FAQ's (taken from a recent webinar from SGL)

Recent Webinar on WHS hosted by SGL (this is a 20 minute video outlining the key features of WHS)