Gents Seniors Club Championships announcement

Gents Seniors Club Championships announcement

The Board originally were intending to have a gents club championship week which encompassed all categories and included the Gents Seniors Scratch and Handicap Championships.

The Club Championships are one of our high profile events of the season and the intention was to make it as inclusive as possible. This was a format that we have had in the past.

However, as you may be aware the club have been advised of several players in all competitions who were unavailable at relatively short notice making all the draws extremely problematical.

It was also appreciated that there are several senior members who qualified for the Gents Club Championships and would have also qualified for the Seniors events but were now being denied the opportunity to compete in the Seniors events as both championships were being held concurrently.

Despite the short notice to you all, it has therefore been decided that we will separate the two Championships and only hold the Gents Club Championships next week and then hold a Seniors Club Championship at some future point to be decided.

In order for the Seniors competitions to be meaningful the members qualifying will be taken from all the senior members who submitted qualifying cards and a new draw will be made.

The Board accept that this may cause disappointment to some but in the interests of fairness we believe that it is the correct way forward.

The Board apologise profusely for the inconvenience this may cause some players but it is being done with the best intentions to keep our competitions as high profile as possible.