Freezing all 2022 membership categories at 2021 levels

At our most recent Board Meeting the decision was made to freeze all 2022 membership categories at 2021 levels.

The Board are mindful of rising living costs and whilst the club will also suffer from, amongst other things, increased utility prices, we felt that an increase in golf subscriptions would be an additional unwelcomed financial burden for our members. 

This is the fourth year with no increase and the Board's decision was taken to acknowledge the loyalty of our existing membership and to encourage our new members to stay. As a Board we believe this makes Craigie Hill one of the best, if not the best, value-for-money 18-hole golf courses in the area and our hope is that this will also encourage others to join us.

Some members may find this decision surprising; fully expecting and even willing to pay an increased subscription rate.  In this case I would request that any member willing to contribute more financially towards the running of the club consider subscribing to our Superball at a cost of £10 per month (see separate website notice for details). This is a valuable income source and also offers the chance of winning part of your subscription back! It probably goes without saying that financial donations can also be made and will be gratefully received.

Subscription renewal notices will shortly be sent out with one single payment in full being preferred. Members will see that the option to pay their subscription fee in instalments has however been changed. Previously the club has allowed a number of members to choose their own payment schedule which has caused considerable administrative difficulties. There is now only one option of paying by instalment and that is two equal payments falling due on 1st January and 1st April 2022.

This measure has been put in place not only to ease the administrative burden but also to allow the Board to forecast and budget for the 2022 season with greater certainty. At this point I would also implore any member who still has any outstanding payment to make for their 2021 subscription fee to please do so without delay.

The Club recognises that some members may find the single or two-payment schedule difficult.  Any member in this position can contact the club in confidence prior to 1st January 2022 by e-mailing membership@craigiehill.co.uk

The continued support of our membership is vital for the continuing existence of Craigie Hill Golf Club and the Board hopes that you all renew in 2022.

Best wishes and good health to all.

Steve Bissett
Club Captain