Winter League and Handicaps

Winter League and Handicaps


To facilitate handicap alterations during our winter league season we recently entered into dialogue with Scottish Golf and the result is that we are now able to have a winter league competition which has handicap index changes as per the WHS. It does however, require us to make some changes to the way we used to run our winter league.

The red (ladies) summer tee course has been re-rated and these tee positions are a guide for the location of our red winter tees within certain parameters. i.e adjacent to the existing red tees keeping line of sight in play and can only be moved forward or backwards by small distances. We will be allowed to use many of our existing artificial tee mats on certain holes and we will have other winter tee positions very near to the red tees to comply with Scottish Golf rules.

Other Requirements:

1. Mats will be allowed for play from fairways but not from the rough (or bunkers!)

2. The ball cannot be teed up on the mat for use on the fairways. If a ball does not sit on the mat due to the slope then the mat can be moved to the nearest point on the fairway where the ball will remain stationary.

3. Where a lost ball is suspected a provisional ball should be played as players are no longer permitted to drop a ball where they think it has been lost (as we have done in the past).

For clarity, players' handicap indexes will be maintained or carried throughout the seasons. There will be no reversion from a "winter handicap" back to a "summer handicap". And as is now the norm your H.I. together with the slope index of the "Red tee Course/winter course" will determine the number of strokes you receive.

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