COVID 19 update

COVID 19 update

The Directors would like to update you on some of the restrictions which we have in place. Our COVID Officer has given further advice following recent announcements.

The difficulties we face are mainly in respect of sanitising safely any equipment touched. eg bunker rakes and flags etc. This proves impossible to monitor at present.

1. Locker rooms remain out of bounds and are locked. We are unable to ensure that this area is suitably sanitised.

2. We are not able to offer bunker rakes at present and flags must remain untouched.

3. Small bins will now be provided on the tees and the contents will be disposed of by the greenkeepers using appropriate sanitisation . There will not be a bin at the Bothy door. Please ensure you dispose of your own rubbish by taking it home unless using the tee bins.

4. We wish to reinforce that hand cleanliness is of utmost importance and at the end of a game please only "touch putters" or the like rather than hand shaking.

5 Please adhere to our one way system when coming off the course-players should not approach the Bothy from the second green as this makes it very difficult to be socially distant. 

6 May we reinforce the message that all golfers should have registered a booking time on our system before going on the course and if this is not possible then a note should be put in the post box stating your name and the time you have gone out. This is essential for our track and trace records which the authorities oblige us to keep.

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