Fixture list

Fixture list

Fixture list 

The 2020 season's  fixture list is now available by clicking this link.

It contains one or two changes from the previous year's list in that we are trying to maximise the number of members who participate in competitions as we are aware that last season saw a drop in the number of entries on a weekly basis.

Having listened to comments from members we realise a change could be made to some of the competitions to allow play to be from the summer tees rather than medal tees as many members feel they do not/cannot play from the medal tees and therefore do not enter some of the competitions.

Therefore we are starting the season on Saturday 28th March with an invitational Texas Scramble which will be played from summer tees. Throughout the season there are other competitions which are clearly marked on the fixture list which will be played from summer tees. They are mainly four ball events which proved unpopular last year. The season will close on Sunday 25th October and will again be a Texas Scramble played from summer tees.

Another event which has been changed is the 54 hole Stroke Play Championship which was held over one weekend and proved very unpopular-this will now be played over three Saturdays in September.

To try to encourage more entrants, our Opens have changed in that the Gents Open will be held on a Sunday again (16th August)  and we have changed our Senior Open to be held on a Sunday (31st May) as opposed to a Friday as many over 50's members still work and therefore cannot play on a weekday.

There will be no competitive golf on Saturday 28th August when the Music Festival will again be held-the course will be open for play however.

All 4 rounds of the 72 hole competitions will be held in October.

The club hope that you will support as many competitions as possible.